Repairing Your Business's Storefront Door Damage

Automatic storefront doors provide an easy and convenient way for customers and employees to enter and exit the building. However, like any other mechanical device, automatic doors can experience issues that affect their functionality and safety.

Faulty Access Control

Access control is an essential feature of automatic sliding doors, and any malfunction can cause security risks or safety hazards. Several factors can contribute to faulty access control, such as malfunctioning keypads or card readers, incorrect programming, or power supply issues. If the access control system fails to function correctly, customers or employees may be able to enter the building without help.

There are several solutions available for repairing faulty storefront doors. In some cases, the card reader or control panel may simply need recalibration to start working again. If the damage to the access control panel is more extensive, replacement may be necessary. A professional commercial door repair service can evaluate this damage to provide you with a viable repair option.

Damaged Storefront Door Glass

Storefront door glass is susceptible to damage from several factors, including accidental impacts and vandalism. Damaged glass can create a variety of risks. The risk of injury from broken or shattered glass is significant and can result in legal consequences for the business.

The solution for fixing damaged storefront door glass depends on the extent of the damage. Repairing the glass may be possible for minor damage, such as scratches or cracks. For significant damage or if the glass is shattered, replacing the glass is the only option. Installing safety glass is one solution for minimizing this risk.

Loose Hinges

Loose hinges are another common issue that can occur with automatic doors. Loose hinges can cause difficulty opening or closing the door, which can reduce your business's accessibility.

While a loose hinge can significantly impact the performance of your automatic doors, repairing this issue is relatively simple. For example, you may be able to tighten the hinges to secure them in place. However, if the hinges have warped, replacing them is the most viable option for restoring the door's functionality.

Warped Railing for Automatic Sliding Doors

Sliding automated commercial storefront doors can be a helpful option that makes it much easier for individuals to access your building. These doors will slide along a track, and while this track is designed to be durable, it can bend and warp. When this occurs, the door may not work correctly. If the warping is mild, it may be corrected by bending the metal back into the correct position. However, this will require specialized tools and a trained professional to effectively complete. 

For more info about commercial door repair, contact a local company.