Signs You Need New Pedestrian Doors For Your Business

A pedestrian door is often referred to as a sliding door and is the main feature of your building. It allows customers and employees to safely enter and leave your building at will. These doors should slide open easily before pedestrians get to them, and should close easily behind them without issue, remaining open if multiple groups of people are going through at once.

If your pedestrian doors are showing signs of wear, you want to get them replaced or repaired as soon as you can, using a professional door installation company to do the work for you. Whether you are considering new pedestrian doors because you want a more modern design for your business's curb appeal or you don't have sliding doors at all and want the upgrade, here are signs you need new pedestrian doors for your business.

Your doors are not opening and closing as they should

Are your current business doors not opening and closing properly? Are they staying stuck open or refusing to open at all? Do they randomly open and shut on their own or move slowly in a jutting manner when they do work?

Unreliable pedestrian doors should be replaced by a door installation specialist. Doors that are not operating as they should pose a dangerous hazard to both employees and customers, so replace your pedestrian doors right away.

Your current doors are older

Commercial pedestrian doors that get a lot of traffic will eventually wear down. What typically wears out first are not the glass doors themselves, but the roller tracks and wheels that help the automatic doors work. The motors involved in the pedestrian doors can wear out as well.

If your current doors are older, it's wise to replace the doors entirely while servicing the wheels and tracks. The main reason for this is simple: when you already have the door installation specialist at your business, you save money by upgrading your entire pedestrian door system at that time.

Your business has been updated

Have you recently updated other areas of your business? If you have, then it's time to also consider upgrading your sliding doors as well. Pedestrian doors are the first things that people often see when they come to your business, so if you are remodeling the rest of your building, you want to upgrade your sliding doors as well.

New pedestrian doors will give you more confidence in your business while making the building safer for your customers to use. Get a quote from your door installation specialist for services.