Attractive Ideas For Your Garage Door

The garage door takes up a lot of visual space in your house's façade. Yet for some reason homeowners often focus on their front entryway and let the garage door be. Instead, utilize the garage door as a chance to spruce up your home's exterior. When planning a new garage door installation, choose a door that best complements, not dominates, the façade.

Color Blend Door

Because the garage door is so big, it can become the focal point of your house's exterior. According to Better Homes and Gardens, a garage door that blends into the cladding color of your house lessens its visual impact. Choose a door that matches the style of your home or that mimics the direction of your siding. You can either have the door painted to match your house or use a latex paint to do it yourself.

Garage Duo

Another option for helping a door blend into the rest of the façade is to have it work in conjunction with the driveway to present an attractive picture. For this look, choose a door in a classic style painted in your façade's accent hue. From there, design a driveway that echoes the shapes in the door. For instance, have a concrete overlay installed that's stamped with the same shapes in the garage door. You can also add landscaping, such as boxwood hedges, that repeat the shape for even more cohesion.

Complementary Door

On the flip side, perhaps you have a small garage door. You can utilize this space to create visual interest rather than letting it recede into the background. One option is choosing a garage door in a bold color. Red is especially welcoming, while bright green and orchid are whimsical colors. Another option is a wow-worthy design itself. For example, a farmhouse looks charming with barn-style garage doors. A Craftsman-style door complements any traditional façade. Even adding a simple detail, such as a row of windows, can make the garage door worth a second look.

Modern Garage Door

If you have a contemporary home, traditional garage doors may not seem to fit. Indeed, you can even use a modern garage door to update a plain façade. Modern style is characterized by clean lines and a nod to geometry. A modern garage door is often made of anodized metal frames with frosted or clear acrylic inserts. A boon is the frames can be powder coated in different colors and finishes. For instance, if you want to perk up a weary exterior, consider choosing a bright color such as red, yellow or green. Just repeat the color somewhere in the landscaping or on the porch to keep the look cohesive.

Give your house an easy makeover with a new garage door.