Broken And Noisy Garage Door Springs: Why A Professional Is The Answer

Your garage door is an important piece of hardware attached to your home, but if you are like most other homeowners, you probably do not give it much thought until you go to use it and it makes a loud noise or does not work. Problems with your garage door will arise from time to time, and many of the problems you run into will involve the springs of your garage door.

It is important that you never attempt to repair the springs on your own, as it may result in serious injury to you or someone else in your home.

Why Should I Call a Professional?

One of the main reasons why it is not a good idea to replace the springs on your garage door by yourself is because the springs are under tension. This means that each spring is wound extremely tight to ensure that the door can easily lift and close on its own. If you mess with the springs, you may accidentally release them, and since they are under pressure, they can break with force and seriously injury you.

Another reason to call a professional company, like A Premier Door Corporation, is because the garage door itself is heavy, and typically, a single person is not able to lift the door and hook it onto the track correctly. If you do not hook the door on the track correctly, you run the risk of the door collapsing when someone attempts to use it.  

Noisy Springs

Often times, a homeowner may mistake a noisy spring with a spring that has been broken. A noisy spring is not broken, and it typically only needs some lubrication to stop making noise.

To lubricate the springs on your garage door, you will need to clean away any dirt that is around the springs, but avoid touching the actual spring. Once all of the dirt is wiped away and removed, you can begin lubricating the spring itself. 

You will need to use a lubricating spray that is designed for garage doors. This spray can be purchased at your local home improvement store. Once you have the spray, you can spray it onto the spring. You want to avoid touching the springs at this point as well.

Once you have sprayed the lubricating spray on, you should open the garage door to the halfway point, lubricate again, and then open the door fully and lubricate again. Once done, close the garage door and listen for anymore noise. If the spray does not stop the squeaking, you should call a professional to check the springs.

Remember, your garage door springs are under tension, and it can be dangerous to try and replace them or fix them yourself. You should always call a garage door professional to replace your springs for you.