Four Tips To Help You Prepare Your Home For Replacement Windows

If you want to improve your home, replacement windows are a good investment for energy efficiency. These are windows that fit in the casing of existing windows, which may need work before new windows are installed. There may also be some windows that cannot have replacement windows installed due to things like custom window designs or extensive damage to the casing.  Here are some things that you can do to prepare your home for replacement window installation:

1. Get the Sizes Of Windows Where Replacements Can be Used

Replacement windows are standard size windows, which you will need to check the windows for sizes. This is done by measuring the opening at the top, bottom and middle of the window. Measure between the jam and not the window itself. You will want to use the smallest measurement to size the window. Do the same to measure the height of the window.

2. Repair Woodwork And Window Casings

The woodwork around windows may be damaged and need repair. You will want to repair any damage to exterior casing and interior trim. This can be done with a wood filler and adding a little paint. If the wood is too damaged, you can take it loose and replace it with a new piece, which you can usually find at any hardware store or lumber supplier.

3. Look for Windows That Will Require A New Window Installation

If a window opening is too damaged or has an odd size, you may need to replace the entire window. This can be done for windows that need to match the replacement windows you have installed, but where replacement windows will not work. You can get a measurement for these windows and custom windows can be built and installed for the openings where the replacements cannot be installed.

As an added addition, window film is a great solution to add energy efficiency to your windows. It can be used for custom windows and doors that cannot be replaced. If you have fixed glass in your home, it can also be used on the glass to improve energy efficiency. There are also films that can help reduce glare in rooms of your home where you do not want to have direct sunlight like an office or home theater room.

Doing some of these things can help prepare your home for replacement windows. If you are ready to have the windows in your home updated, contact a window replacement contractor and ask them about some of these improvements for your home.

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